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In most cases excision of skin lesions are performed when there is a suspicion of cancer. Benign skin lesions do not require excision unless troublesome for the patient or requested by a patient for cosmetic reasons. Skin lesions in critical areas (eg. involving eyelids or cartilage) may require referral to an ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon.

In most cases skin lesions can be excised and the skin defect simply closed with sutures however for larger skin lesions or regions where little skin laxity exists (eg nose, shins or scalp) a skin flap or skin grafting may be required to close the defect. Due to the large range of skin pathology treatment of a skin lesion is variable depending on the likely nature of the lesion, anatomical site and size of the lesion. An appropriate recommendation for treatment can only after examination and assessment of the skin lesion(s). In most cases excision of skin lesions can be performed under local anaesthetic as a same day procedure.

Lipomas are soft fatty lumps that grow under the skin and that can occur just about anywhere on the body. These are benign tumours that do not require excision if they are small and asymptomatic. Larger or bothersome lipomas are excised if requested by a patient. Excision of a lipoma can often be performed under local anaesthetic and as a same day procedure.